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Full-length door mirrors can be beautiful additions to your home and provide both form and function. Off-the-rack options are often generic and may not fit your taste or space. Your home’s decor should be all about your personality and style, so consider a custom full-length door mirror from the design pros at Glass Doctor®.

Customize Your Full-Length Door Mirrors

full length mirror

Customizing your full-length door mirror means that you’ll have more options available to you than what a big-box store offers.

  • Our mirrors are more affordable than you might think—we offer upfront, flat-rate pricing, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the best product at the right price.
  • We’ll come to your home for an in-person consultation. We’ll help you design the perfect piece for your space. 
  • We’ll work to provide you with the finished product as promptly as possible so you can enjoy the perfect full-length door mirror for your space.

Edges and Sizes

Glass Doctor customization is all about options—from size and edging options. Big-box stores offer a few standard sizes for full-length door mirrors, but a custom approach will allow you to perfectly fit the mirror to the size of your door. 

Here are just a few ways you can tailor the edge profile of your door mirror:

Full-Length Door Mirror Edge Profiles

Accents for Your Doors

Full-length mirrors add great light to a room and create a more spacious feeling. Just because the mirror hangs on a door doesn’t mean you have to mount it on the back—customize your doors with a front-hanging mirror and add both style and substance to your rooms. Make a bold and modern decorating statement by filling the door with bright and reflective mirrors.

Get Inventive with Shape

Just because a door is rectangular doesn’t mean a door mirror has to be. If your style tends to be funky, eclectic and unique, consider round, oblong, or geometric shapes for door mirrors.

Get Started with Your Custom Mirror

Glass Doctor is committed to the satisfaction of our customers. Our service and glass selection are among the highest in quality in the industry. When you choose Glass Doctor, you can be sure that you’ll get the level of quality and the transparent pricing you deserve. We’ve been around for 40 years because our customers trust our work.

We make the process easy—our friendly, certified glass experts provide free, in-home consultations and complete installation; simply explain what you need, and we’ll work to exceed your expectations.

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